For cosmetics professionals, manufacturers, importers, distributors or sellers of a substance or mixture :

ERTC collects and analyzes the data of your cosmetic products (part A of the PIF), assess their impact on human health (part B of the PIF) and carries out the safety report.

The responsible person

ERTC is, at your request, the responsible person for your cosmetic products. 

ERTC points out, in the PIF, warnings and instructions for use, as well as the INCI name for these ingredients, and any other information that should figure on the label of the product.

ERTC carries out for you the notification on the electronic portal CPNP, for every cosmetic placed on the european market.

ERTC and partners offers testing and microbiological analyzes necessary for assessing the safety of your products with the help of in vitro alternative methods carried out in GLP certified laboratories.

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets

ERTC carries out the MSDS of your substances and mixtures.

Expertise and problem solving

Expertise and problem solving

ERTC SAS - RCS SEDAN SIRET : 808 049 96900013

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PIF Cosmetic Produit Information File
Labelling and packaging
CPNP Cosmetic Products Notification Portal
Microbiological test and analyses

Our aim is to assist you in the creation of innovative and effective products which are in line with european regulation, and safe for both human health and the environment.

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